Black Belt Principles

Modesty · Courtesy · Integrity · Self Control · Perseverance · Indomitable Spirit

Our Motto

We don’t give up, we TEAM UP!

Our Vision

Empowering Lives Through the Martial Arts

Our Mission

Building a better community, one Black Belt at a time.

What We Offer

Whether you’re 3 or 73 (or anywhere in between), looking for fitness, fun, self discipline, or self-defence, we have a spot for you at DeSantos Premier Martial Arts.

With three convenient locations in Toronto’s east end, we know you’ll find a place with us where you can belong.

Youth class

Youth Program

Ages 8–11


One of our mottos is Building a Better Community One Black Belt at a Time. We are constantly hosting events that enable our students to give back to the greater community.

Annual Walk to Niagara Falls

Every April, we invite our students and the public to join us on our 140 km+ charity fundraising walk from Toronto to Niagara Falls (or our 5 km Friendship Walk the weekend before)!

Kids outside at summer camp

Martial Arts Day Camps

We offer specialty March Break and summer martial arts day camps for children aged 4 to 12.

Amazing karate birthday parties

Birthday Parties

Give your child and their friends a unique birthday experience with an exciting combination of martial arts, music, and games!

Annual Black Belt Spectacular

Black Belt Spectacular

Every June we put on special show in a dramatic theatre setting to celebrate our next group of Black Belt students!

DeSantos instructors at the Main Squared Festival

Community Involvement

We are active in the community through school and corporate events, our non-profit DeSantos Foundation, and our VOICES Youth Empowerment Symposium.

Sir Sean and Ma'am Toni

Self-Defence Workshops

Contact us for more information on school and corporate workshop opportunities.

Our Team

All instructors at DeSantos Premier Martial Arts are students of Kwan Jan Nim Veronica De Santos. They have trained in her system and must complete extensive leadership training courses before leading classes. Our lead instructors have been members of our school from 6 to 20 years and are trained in CPR. Our instructors are caring, motivating, and show integrity in everything they do, and feel deeply invested in the success and empowerment of our students.


Why Martial Arts?

Kwan Jan Nim Veronica De Santos

The martial arts offer a complete balance of life skills for everyone from ages 3 and up. It can be as competitive or non-competitive as you want. You set your own goals and work towards achieving them at your own pace and time.

For children it helps to increase their confidence and self-control so they are better able to deal with issues they face on a day to day basis, like peer pressure, bullies, and making good choices.

For adults it helps to relief stress, offers a full mind, body, and spirit workout, and teaches valuable, real-world self-defence techniques.

Will my child become more aggressive or violent?

No. The martial arts teach respect and self-control. For an already hyper or aggressive child, it helps to channel their energy into something positive and teaches them different ways to control their emotions. For a shy child, it helps to increase their self-confidence and turn their shyness into self-assurance.

How does martial arts improve self-confidence?

At DeSantos Premier Martial Arts we incorporate a reward and recognition program with our students. As you learn the curriculum you are rewarded with stripes on your belt. We set goal dates for belt promotions that we help you work towards. There is lots of positive feedback from instructors and our goal is to see our students succeed. When students receive this positive encouragement and see how well they are progressing, it makes them feel good about themselves and this transpires into other areas of their life.

How does martial arts teach self-control?

Our philosophy teaches students how to be respectful and also how to control their emotions. We teach students different skills to use when someone has upset them or made them angry. Martial arts is about inner peace and respect for one another. By teaching you how to breathe properly, having the courage to walk away, or telling people you are too angry to talk are just a few of the ways we help student gain self-control.

Why do I have to commit to two days a week?

Students need to attend classes at least twice a week as we divide our curriculum in two parts: basic techniques and applications. If you are only coming once a week you are missing out on half the curriculum.

What’s the difference between Tae Kwon Do and Karate?

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean art form and Karate is Japanese. As far as the techniques that are taught, it’s not so much the styles, but the schools you go to. There are very few traditional schools that teach traditional martial arts. A lot of schools offer a blend of styles and to find one that’s right for you, depends on what you are looking for. The martial arts are based on self-defence, so whatever school you attend you will learn basic self-defence techniques. Choosing the best school for you or your child should depend on the philosophy they teach. It’s all about your comfort level and if you feel your needs are going to be met.

Some of the things you should look for are: do they offer a trial program? Can you watch classes? Do they have separate classes for children? How do the instructors interact with the students? Do they offer a monthly payment plan?

What do the belts mean?

The colour of the belts show your level of progression through the art you are studying. White is for beginners, and there are generally ten belts before you can achieve your Black Belt. In our school, we have special belt systems we use for our Tiny Champs (single-striped belts) and Little Champs (double-striped and half-colour belts) that are different than the regular belts.

The ultimate goal for a martial artist is to achieve a Black Belt, and all the belts in between help the student feel they are progressing and keeps them motivated. The colours darken as the student gets closer to their Black Belt goal.

Contact Us

We have three locations serving Toronto’s east end.

603 GERRARD STREET EAST (at Broadview Avenue) [map]
Program Director: Antoinette “Toni” Moulton
(416) 465-9696
Broadview class schedule

210 MAIN STREET (at Gerrard Street) [map]
Program Director: Jean-Luc Lacombe
(416) 699-5078
Main Street class schedule

2480 GERRARD STREET EAST (at Victoria Park Avenue) [map]
Program Director: Kim Wagner
(416) 901-5518
Victoria Park class schedule

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