Tom Horn

If you are looking for a place that your child can grow as a person, understand their potential and learn invaluable life skills as it relates to confidence and learning to deal with the challenges of bullying, look no further than DeSantos Martial Arts. The added bonus is that they can also learn to be an exceptional Martial Artist.

My family has been associated with DeSantos for over 10 years and it has become a second home for my daughter. The environment is one of acceptance, caring and fun. Not only has my daughter gained the physical and mental benefits of Martial Arts but through the teachings and culture of DeSantos she has grown in confidence and character.

Because of her growth and the caring relationships that have developed for her at DeSantos we have no hesitation in recommending DeSantos to any friends, family or acquaintances who are looking for a safe and caring place for their children to develop confidence, focus, goal setting, physical fitness, anti-bullying skills and a foundation for success. In fact we have referred many and none have been disappointed.