The family that kicks together…

The family that kicks together…

DeSantos Premier Martial Arts is a second home to many families who train together. More and more, parents are no longer just bringing their child(ren) and watching from the sidelines. They’ve caught on to how fun it is to train in the martial arts and this year has seen a lot of parents stepping up to earn their white belt and then go beyond.

We have every kind of family you can imagine at DeSantos and they all know that everyone is welcome. Big brothers and sisters know that we love to hold their baby sibling and help keep little ones entertained. Moms or dads struggling to bring a stroller in are met with friendly help at the door. Partners switch off parenting duties so that the other can join a class. Kids cheer on their parents as they watch from the sidelines.

Generally most families can find a set of two classes back to back for their kids, then get them home to dinner and bed before coming back for their own class. The adult classes have a lot of options so that parents can trade off who is watching the kids while the other one trains. Our Saturday morning family class is very popular, as the kids just love being able to train IN THE SAME CLASS as their parents.

Many of the staff have family training at DeSantos — most famously Ma’am Toni with her daughters Ma’am Attiphah and Ma’am Alyah; Sir Sean and Sir Seamus, Ciaran and Mia; the Schroh family and of course KJN’s family. Families earn black belts together — the Black Belt Principles make great glue to hold the family together in tough times. Families get fit together. Families have fun together. And that’s what it’s all about.

Happy Family Day to our whole DeSantos Premier Martial Arts family!

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