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Attiphah Moulton



3rd-Degree Black Belt

Ma'am Attiphah has been training at DeSantos Premier Martial Arts since she was five-years-old! She earned her first-degree Black Belt in 2009, her second-degree in 2011, and her third-degree Black Belt in 2014. She has helped teach classes for many years and has been a full instructor since 2013. Ma'am Attiphah has travelled all over the world competing in martial arts and has won many gold medals. She was co-captain of the DeSantos Demo Team from 2013–2015.

  • Ma'am Attiphah is a stuntwoman for film and TV.

  • Ma'am Attiphah led the Malvern Collegiate Cheerleading team for two years.

  • Ma'am Attiphah represented Canada at the WAKO World Championships in Serbia (2010) and alongside Sir Tommy in Turkey (2019).

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