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We are allocating extra time to allow for enhanced cleaning of the training mats, equipment, and other surfaces.

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Every student will be screened before they enter the training space. Students are asked to arrive 15 minutes before class and wait outside the dojang, maintaining an appropriate distance from other waiting families.

As change rooms and bathrooms are closed, students must arrive already dressed in their uniform. We ask that students use the bathroom before coming to class. Students will be allowed to access the bathroom in an emergency.

A staff member will escort students in one at a time and the student will have their temperature taken and be asked a series of questions. All students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the screening check-in.

If permitted to enter, students will bow as they enter the dojang and immediately sanitize their hands. They will then put their outdoor shoes in their equipment bags. Students are expected to keep at least two metres from any other person in the facility.

So we can maximize the training space and accommodate enough students, accompanying family members will be asked to remain outside of the facility and wait outside until class ends for pickup. All individuals who are waiting outside must maintain social distancing from any other waiting family or person.

5929233 - emergency hospital mask medica


Students are encouraged but not required to wear face coverings on the training floor during class. We do ask students and family members to otherwise wear a mask when in the facility, whether inside or waiting outside for pre-class check-in. A mask must be worn to enter the dojang. Staff members will wear masks at all times.

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Zen Planner is our student membership portal we use to track attendance. Students attending classes in person must sign up ahead of time online via the Zen Planner member portal. [iOS | Android | Web]

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We absolutely understand and respect that some families may not feel comfortable returning to the physical classes right away so we are livestreaming all of our classes on Zoom. Students are welcome to switch between attending physical classes and online classes as they see fit.

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We will enforce physical distancing guideline at all times. The instructors will specifically pick exercises and drills that will be done individually that do not require being in immediate proximity to another person. We have taken extra steps to tape the floor providing each student a training zone to ensure everyone is adequately spaced apart.

All individuals must maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from any other person in the facility. The only exception would be in an emergency situation where one of our trained instructors needs to administer CPR or first aid. 

All training will be conducted individually. There will be no physical contact, including contact sparring and self-defence and no physical contact between students and instructors.

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To limit the transfer of physical items, we will not be selling snacks or drinks.

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Students will be asked to place their outdoor shoes in their equipment bags upon entering the dojang. The shoe cubbies at out Main Street location will not be available.

Students must not share their equipment with other students. We will not be loaning equipment during this time.

Other personal items will not be allowed inside the dojang. (Food items, school bags, laptops, iPads, etc.)

Please pack the following items in your equipment bags:

  • Face mask

  • Boxing gloves

  • Sparring gear

  • Mouthguard

  • Towel (optional, but strongly recommended for teens and adults)

  • Water bottle (optional)

  • Skipping rope (optional)

  • Weapons appropriate to the current curriculum

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