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Marisol Goulet



3rd-Degree Black Belt

Ma'am Marisol started training at DPMA in 2003. She was looking for a place where she could learn cool moves and compete and win trophies. She competed for a number of years together with her dad, Sir J.P., and the two of them won lots of medals. She earned her first-degree Black Belt with her dad in 2008, her second-degree in 2011 (her mom and sister both received their Black Belts at the same time). Marisol earned her third-degree Black Belt in 2015. She was a member of the demo team for many years and has been teaching since 2014.

  • Ma'am Marisol also teaches at the KaZa Family Centre and Karate Kids.

  • She has walked from Toronto to Niagara Falls twice!

  • Ma'am Marisol is very talented visual artist.

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