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Sean Ingram



Instructor, Black Belt Candidates

4th-Degree Black Belt

Sabumnim Sean Ingram, better known as Sir Sean or Evil Sean, has been training at DeSantos Premier Martial Arts for many years, and plays a crucial role in training candidates in each year's Black Belt cycle. He received his first-degree Black Belt in the fall of 2007 and now holds the honour of a 4th-degree Black Belt. Before training at DeSantos, Sean had trained in aikido, tae kwon do, tai chi and wing chun for about four years in Montreal when he was in university.

Outside of DeSantos, Sir Sean has a lot of different interests and is a geek in many ways — martial arts geek, sci-fi geek, comic book geek, MMA-watching geek, and even a political geek. He has had some spectacular failures in his life, but has a great family, all of whom train at DeSantos!

  • Sir Sean is the Chair of the Soldiers Tower Committee at U of T, which is the body that organizes the annual Remembrance Day services at the university.

  • He is from Montreal.

  • His first job out of university was working for the Public Affairs section of the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC.

  • Sir Sean is currently studying Filipino martial arts (FMA) under Punong Guro JB Ramos.

“Don’t be disappointed by the results you don’t get from the work you didn’t do.”

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