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Shay Wallace


Program Director, Main Street Location

3rd-Degree Black Belt

Ma'am Shay has been with DeSantos Premier Martial Arts since 2001. She earned her first-degree Black Belt in 2007 and second-degree in 2011. Originally, her mother wanted her to be able to defend herself and her pops would make sure that she went to class 3–4 times a week. Her first instructors were Sir Waugh, who is now an officer with the Toronto Police Service, and Sir Tuan, who is part owner of our Broadview location.

When she earned her red belt and went through pre-testing, Kwan Jan Nim spoke with her and wanted her to wait another year so that she would be more prepared. She is glad that she took the advice because it wasn’t until then that she was starting to train because she really wanted to. Now, DPMA is her second home. Her nephew CJ also earned his Brown Belt and her niece went to Yellow Belt when she was younger.

  • Ma’am Shay loves travel and explored over twenty countries and cities before her twenties.

  • Ma'am Shay loves poetry and writing free-hand.

  • She is in the process of studying for her brokerage license to sell insurance.

  • She volunteers at an adult literacy program.

  • Ma'am Shay runs a winter coat drive with her niece every year.

  • She wanted to be a singer since she was little.

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