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Veronica De Santos

Kwan Jan Nim


Grandmaster & Founder

8th-Degree Black Belt

Founder and Grandmaster Veronica De Santos is an 8th-degree Black Belt who has been teaching martial arts for more than three decades. Through her hard work, experience, and all that she has given back to the martial arts community, she has earned the title of Kwan Jan Nim — a Korean term which means Master Instructor or Master of one’s house. She established her school in 1988, and was incredibly honoured to be awarded the rank of 8th-dan in June, 2022.

In 1999, Kwan Jan Nim De Santos was the first woman to be inducted in the North American Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Having won numerous championships in her competitive years, she was ranked as one of Canada’s top female fighters in 1988 and 1989 and also won Ontario’s Amateur Athlete of the year for the same years. While being a highly decorated competitor, her true passion is teaching and watching her students achieve their goals. She also teaches self-defence and anti-bullying courses for a wide array of organizations.

Antoinette Moulton

Master Sabumnim



5th-Degree Black Belt

Antoinette Moulton, also known as Sabumnim Toni, has been with DeSantos Martial Arts since 2002. A single mother with three children, she came to Kwan Jan Nim at a time in her life when things were very difficult. Not only did she find a place for her children to be active and learn to defend themselves, she found an outlet for herself that turned into a great love for the martial arts.


Sabumnim Toni began teaching at DeSantos when she was an Orange Belt! In 2004, Antoinette received her 1st-degree Black Belt, and earned a 5th-degree Black Belt in 2019.


“Empowering lives through the martial arts is what drives me as I find this concept allows me to start the healing and transformation of each person that walks in the door.”

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