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Tuan Tran



4th-Degree Black Belt

Sir Tuan (or Mr. Tran) started with DeSantos in 1987 when the school first opened, and he received his first-degree Black Belt at the age of 15. Through the years Tuan has competed in many tournaments nationally and around the world. He won a bronze medal at the 1994 CISM Games and represented Canada at the Tae Kwon Do Championships. One of his highlights was being able to accompany Kwan Jan Nim as her coach when she was representing Guyana at the Greek Olympic Trials.


Tuan is now a fourth-degree Black Belt and, while his chosen profession is as a Real Estate Sales Representative, he considers his time with DeSantos the most influential in forming who he has become.

“No Blames, No Games, Just Solutions”

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