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DeSantos Martial Arts is a member club of WAKO Canada (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations).

Our membership allows us opportunities for athlete development and competition, coaching certification, training, and compliance with governing sport ministries. Through WAKO Canada, our athletes have competed in provincial, national, and international competitions.

This also ensures that we can continue to provide the highest level of health, safety, and professionalism.

What is WAKO Canada?

WAKO Canada is a membership-based organization that supports martial arts, kickboxing, Thai kickboxing, and MMA in Canada. In additional to being a network of highly professional martial arts clubs, this association works with government sport ministries.

WAKO, the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations, is an international organization that is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and other governing sport authorities from around the world. WAKO Canada is Canadian branch and is the national leader in promoting excellence in amateur kickboxing and competitive karate, certification, and education.

WAKO Canada also acts as our Provincial Sporting Organization (PSO) for ring disciplines (kickboxing) and tatami discipline (sports karate, point sparring, forms, and weapons). This allows for our members to access additional training, certified coaching, and sanctioned competitive opportunities.

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